Monday, October 22, 2007

Trumpet skirt (Simplicity 5914)

I had another brown fabric, and was curious to make a trumpet skirt. I have some RTW trumpet skirts, and they look the second best on me beside A-lines.

Pattern: Simplicity 5914
View: B
Brown woven suiting

Things I learned:

  • I figured out that in the last Simplicity pattern, the one for the A-line skirt, I had to choose size 10 for a good fit, I went with size 10 for this one as well. Well, in this patterns, size 10 was a little too big. I shoud have done size 8.
  • I could also have drafted a horizontal shortening line on the pattern to make the pattern a bit smaller. Now it looks nice with boots, but not with regular heels.
  • The fact that it's not lined (I juset used facings), does not make is very warm for winter when i would normally wear boots, so the number of times I put this skirt on is sort of limited. When the wethaer is getting warner, but it's still okay to wear boots, in that window of about 2 days, I can wear it.
  • The side zipper could be nicer too. (These skirts are still made in a way that I put in the zipper almost at the very end, instead of when the skirt is still fairly flat. Note to self: Put in the zipper in the early stages, when the skirt's other side seam has not been sewn yet.)

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