Saturday, October 25, 2008

Fleece jacket (Simplicity 4029)

I wanted to make something for my Mom. I though that a nice, less sporty, more fitter fleece jacket that she could wear with woven pants or jeans would be nice.

I had not done many set-in sleeves, so I decided to experiment with the gray fleece I had at home. If it turned out well and fit her, I could make her another one, as I am a little worried that the fleece I used might pill.

This was the first time I used my dressform to make clothes for someone else. I hope it will fit.

Pattern: Simplicity 4029
View: A
Size: 12 (for my Mom)
Fabric: Gray fleece, black fleece doublefold bias tape, ladybug buttons

Things I learned:

* I was very precise with the seam allowances in this pattern, and it wen together like a dream. Precision pays off: fewer worries.
* I used the serger to finish the edges and take away some of the bulk; cut off about 1/4".
* Then I used the walking foot at 3/8" to total 5/8", and it made beautiful seams.
* I set in the sleeve with the serger as described in one of the Threads magazines. I hand-gathered between the indicated dots, and then ran it through the serger.
* Then I sewed a row of regular stitches, but ended up running it through the serger again to trim the seam allowances even more.
* I paid special attention to the way the seam allowances lay.

* I am looking forward to working with more knits!!!