Monday, October 22, 2007

Another remnants bolero (McCall's 4781)

This is another leftover-fabric bolero. I wanted something nice and warm, yet one that's elegant. I had some leftover fleece from a hat and scarf set.

I made a trimmed version. The trim style and pin are from a different pattern:

I wanted to do the ruffled version, but couldn't find ready-made ruffle anywhere, and I didn't feel like making it myself. That's when I remembered my Knifty Knitter looms... I bought some eyelash yarn and knitted a looong strip of trip. I even managed to machine-sew it on. :)

Pattern: McCall's 4781, Trim: Simplicity 4029, Pin: ? [I can't remember]
View: E
Size: S
Fabric: Fleece; store-bought fleece double-fold bias tape; embroidery thread.
Things I learned:

  • A double-fold bias tape is also great to put on the edges when I feel lazy. :) If you sew it on in a way that the seam doesn't show on the right side, it looks very neat.
  • For this one, S worked, because the fabric was thicker.

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