Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Sandra Betzina

I am always looking for what Sandra Betzina is going to come up with next.

I have read all of her books on sewing, have enjoyed her articles in Threads magazine, seen her sample webshows, and I recently checked out her DVDs from the library. I think these DVDs are my favorites. I like the ones that are made by just her alone, as well as the ones co-hosted with others, like Ron Collins (like Sandra Betzina does, he shares some excellent sewing techniques as well; their co-hosted DVDs are both funny and very informative).

You can check out the DVDs here:
There are also short previews of them!

In addition, let me share my favorite fly sewing technique by Sandra Betzina:

And a duvet cover technique:

Handy links

Today, I am posting some of my favorite sewing links. I collected these a few years ago when I first started sewing.

Fly zipper
Bias tape edging
Decorative dressform covers
Easy bound buttonholes
Fix a buttonhole
Gridded wrapping paper for pattern drafting
Hemming solutions
How to sew a French seam
How to sew a good seam
How to sew on cording
How to use the narrow hemmer foot
Invisible zipper
Lining a pleated skirt
Machine sewn blind hem
Making belts
Hemming pants
Measuring for hemming pants
Pattern alteration
Patterns adjustments
Quick bindings
Real Simple magazine
Sew a bead behind a button for a clean finish
Sewing in a zipper