Saturday, April 24, 2010

Men's flannel shirt (Simplicity 4760)

Pattern: Simplicity 4760
View: A
S (sizes S-XL)

Things I learned:

  • I could have made it even smaller: the shoulder comes too low and the sleeve is too long.
  • I should also have clipped the seam allowances smaller and/or graded them to reduce bulk in corners.
  • I am proud of how I matched the plaid at the pocket.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Follow-up post to: Small refashions and adjustments

This is a follow-up post to: Small refashions and adjustments

Jo asked how I did the shortening of the sleeves on the white striped blouse.

So here it is: This below picture shows what the sleeve looked like.

I studied how the cuff was attached, measured the pleats, then removed the cuff, and cut the rest of the sleeve to the right length.

After that, I reattached the cuff.

I paid close attention to making the pleats the right size.