Tuesday, December 21, 2010


There is a story (actualyl several stories by the same author, Veronika Marék) about a chestnut boy called Kippkopp. I grew up reading Kippkopp stories, and now I read them to my DS, who I am happy to see, loves them as much as I did. Because he likes this character so much I decided to make one out of fabric for him.

I drafted the pattern myself, and made two, I guess you'd call them "muslins," refining the proportions.

If I were to make this now, I think I'd shorten the legs and arms a little bit more.

Also, because I wanted to make this figurine as close to what he looks like in the books as possible, I added a fabric piece as neck, which, even though I sewed a straw inside for reinforcement, still makes the head and body a bit wobbly. If I were to make this now (or again), I'd maybe use the shell of an old pen and try to sew that inside to give the neck some rigidity.

Otherwise, I really like the result, and so does DS, which is what's most important!

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