Monday, October 22, 2007

And again... A-line (brown) (Simplicity 5173)

The size 10 black A-line skirt may be a bit too big I thought. When I lose a bit of weight, it hangs a bit too loose. So I tried this one in size 8, lined.
Pattern: Simplicity 5173
View: C
Brown woven suiting

Things I learned:

  • I should have stuck with size 10. even thought this skirt looks lovely when I am a bit thinner, it starts to pull a bit at the waist when I put on a bit of weight. Also, given that this skirt is a tiny bit shorter than the other one (for lack of fabric), I really should have stuck with the size 10.
  • I might be able to let it out at some point, but I'll have to see if I want to take it apart or not.

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